7 Steps to take when preparing for a hike

7 Easy Steps To Take When Preparing For A Hike

Are you preparing for a hike and looking for advice? Are falls on the track a particular concern for you?

These “7 Simple Steps to Be Fall-Free on the Footpath” are for you.

Put together by Dr Eric Eifler, an American sports medicine orthopaedic surgeon, he shared his advice with Scottsdale Health. Having to consistently treat these hiking or rambling enthusiasts over an extended period led to him come up with seven simple preventative steps that will help to stop you from falling in the first place.

Our view mirrors his in that it seems counterintuitive that people who are walking, and looking to ultimately disengage from the hectic world we live in, relax and reconnect with nature, would come back injured. We love Dr Eric Eifler’s tips for preventing falls and would strongly recommend them as steps to follow when preparing for a hike, even when falls aren’t a great concern.

Walking multi day tracks, surrounded by nature’s beauty is great exercise. It’s scientifically proven to reduce the occurrence of all sorts of ailments like heart disease, depression, even cancer. However if you fall an injury might result. The result being that all that walking and good exercise will amount to diddilee squat. You’ll be back at square one, or worse.

One thing that we are faced with on the track, time and time again, are poorly prepared walkers. Whether it be preparing for a hike in a fitness sense or ensuring that you are equipped with suitable hiking gear, failing to properly prepare is always costly. Not only does it almost always spoil a hike but you can find yourself in life threatening situations very quickly. A common mistake we seem to notice is hikers walking in unsuitable footwear. So this would be our contribution to the list below. For advice on how to choose suitable hiking gear (including the ever important footwear) you may like to visit this post.

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