Stroll is supported by Auswalk – the award winning walking holiday company set up in the Outback nearly 30 years ago.  So you’re in safe hands with Stroll.

You’re traveling with one of the world’s leaders and pioneers of supported walking holidays.
We have taken all the hassle out of organising your walking holiday allowing you to walk pack free carrying only your lunch and any essentials.

Most importantly these are our trips so we can guarantee what we promise. Unique access to the world’s real natural beauty and cultural heritage on foot with the luxury of having a hot shower, a good meal and a comfortable bed waiting for you at the end of the day.

What really sets us apart is the flexibility we can offer you

Whether you want to take one of our self-guided walks, hikes, and treks or design a custom built trip for your group, you will always be in comfort and walking pack free. Stroll are the trusted experts allowing you to walk any time of year, with who you want and in just about any destination you choose.


Stroll’s mission is to take you on a memorable journey.

All of our walk designers and destination consultants are trained professionals with local knowledge and experience and an understanding that safety is paramount. They’re dedicated to making sure your expectations are exceeded and your walking holiday is one you’ll always remember.

This is why we’re a walking holiday company with a difference.

Meet our team

Stunning Locations

Some destinations are only meant to be reached on foot. Whether exploring the Camino, the Kumano Kodo or one of the many amazing walks we offer all over the world, this way of travel allows you to see things from a completely different perspective.

As a walking holiday company, for nearly 30 years, our focus has been on providing a platform for people to go walking in the great outdoors while experiencing everything a place has to offer.

Get up close and personal with nature in a variety of settings including tropical rainforests, stunning coastlines, alpine regions, idyllic islands, and rugged mountain ranges, including remote areas in Japan, New Zealand, and outback Australia.

Our walking routes take you to iconic landmarks as well as to secluded, unspoiled locations where there are few others and an abundance of wildlife. No matter how remote the journey – you’ll always travel in comfort with Stroll.

Respecting the environment

Stroll has the highest level of ECO certification possible for a walking holiday company – Advanced Ecotourism. This assures travellers that we are backed by a strong, well-managed commitment to sustainable practices and provide high-quality nature-based tourism experiences. At Stroll we offset our carbon emissions with Green Fleet, we donate and work along side conservation organisations and actively raise money for various charities among other things. We love this place and want others to enjoy it after we’re gone.

We actively care for and protect the environment that we operate in. Ecological sustainability is central to our ethos of providing memorable ecotourism experiences. Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints.

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Explore new and exciting locations by day, then stay in ultimate comfort each night.

We take care of everything from personally selected accommodation and delicious meals, through to luggage transfers and local transport, allowing for more time to experience the best of each location.

In most cases, walks progress along a linear route, finishing up each day at boutique accommodation. This means less time is spent being transferred in a vehicle. Stays range from B&Bs, eco-lodges, cottages, resorts and ski lodges, with most offering a private room with ensuite bathroom.

You need only carry a light day pack with you, as your luggage will be moved ahead to your next stay. This is one of the special features of a Stroll walking holiday.

After every walk, you will stay with friendly hosts and be immersed in aspects of each community, such as local food and wine. Enjoy chef-prepared meals most evenings that include fine produce, cheeses, free-range meats, locally caught seafood and organic fruits and vegetables.

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Our beliefs

Stroll was founded by a team with nearly 30 years of expertise in the provision of walking holidays, who wanted to take the experience to a whole new level. We wanted to deliver epic, self-guided walks in a way that would reward people in the most personal of ways. Today, we curate, manage and deliver our own trips, so we can guarantee what we promise. Across our site you’ll find a world of walks, each chosen (and rated) for its unique ability to inspire wonder, promote wellness and embrace nature in a way no other pursuit can. When you Stroll, you do not walk the well-beaten path. We limit what walks we provide, we hand-pick our itineraries and we proudly source from local businesses to support local communities. Our practices leave zero footprint in order for you to take away something priceless.

Far from the crowds, the connectivity and the confusion of modern life, there are a few places you can only reach by foot. They are truly worth the Stroll.


In the digital age, it is easy to lose perspective. Technology is amazing. But the world is spectacular and a star-lit sky is awe-inspiring. Stroll takes you to the places that we hope will give you true perspective on life, and provide a deeper insight into yourself.


The physical and mental benefits of walking are well known. From finding time to exercise to creating time to find yourself, taking a Stroll is always good for you.


We are a part of nature – always growing and never the same. No two Strolls are alike, but each reconnects you with the planet by giving you intimate access to grand landscapes and the authentic sounds, smells and tastes of a region.


Locally sourced food, always supplying the best possible culinary experience we can. Depending on the destination and availability of choice, we either arrange this for you or, in some instances, we know it is easier for our walkers to do this themselves.


If you’re looking for further information on any of our walking holidays please fill out the enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.