Clothing for warm weather

We recommend thin synthetic materials for summer walking – cotton can get damp from perspiration.

Shirts should have collars and sleeves to help prevent sunburn. Long sleeves that can be either rolled up or rolled down are a good idea. Light colours will keep you cooler. Specialist shirts have vents to allow for airflow.

Shorts are great for hot weather, but use plenty of sunscreen. Long trousers are great for sun protection and also for cooler weather. Trousers that have “zip off” legs are a good compromise.

A sun hat is obviously essential. Choose a hat with a brim all the way round as this keeps off more heat and sun than either baseball caps or soft floppy cotton hats. Good hats also come with some mesh ventilation in the middle and a chinstrap to keep it on when the wind blows. Choose a hat that packs easily into your case and daypack.

Sunglasses are also essential for most of our walks.

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