View of the Olgas in the Red Centre in the Northern Territory

Happy Memories of the Red Centre, by Beatrice

There was once a group of jolly Stroll walkers
Which Lisa and Marie
Took out on a Red Centre Safari

They all met up in Alice Springs

Then headed to Mt Connor and Curtin Springs
Once there sat for dinner on Lindy’s bough
And utterly froze from top to toe

However the dinner was very good
The journey progressed to Uluru and the impressive Kata Tjut(a)
Remember it’s 36 heads in the Olgas said Marie
And a ‘must know’ for this desert safari

Throughout the Kings Canyon rock ledges were sharp
Therefore Fiona’s boots fell apart
On the 3rd day it rained cats and dogs
The bus windows covered with exhaling fogs

The desert turned green
And there was a sheen on the dashboard shone 2 lights
Not just one – where there should have been none!
A ‘Uee’ was done back to Alice Springs with a visit to the company Thrifty
To do a swift transport ‘shifty’

During this the walkers did lots of sitting
And Anne from Brisbane almost finished her knitting
An excursion was arranged to the Museum of Transport
Whilst the Todd River reached levels fit for water sport

At last 2 new buses left Alice Springs
Full of sodden Stroll walkers and a change in planned things
On arrival at Glen Helen the trailer was wet
And some slept with gear drying around their bed

Lisa said remember epicormic and lignotubing
As one grows from the stem the other from the rooting
This lesson happened at Ormiston Gorge
Where the temperatures finally rose to a scorch

The climb up Mt Sonder was full of wonder
The views were great , Victoria had a birthday cake
And to round the day up we had a fire evacuation at the Desert Park Station
At this stage all were prepared for a surprising event
Dave just grabbed a beer before he was sent

With everyone else to the mustering point
Until the fire men released the joint
All in all it was a wonderful trip
From the gorges deep to the lofty summit
Through pouring rain and abundant sunshine
Thanks to the team (leaders and group)
Everyone had a great time

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