Gateway walks

Gateway walks

For 22 years our focus has been on providing a platform for people to go walking in nature whilst also ensuring that they experienced everything that destination had to offer. To do this well we felt our trips had to be 7 days or longer.

However, the reality is that it is not always possible for you to give up 7 or more days of your life. Keeping in mind our commitment  is ultimately to get more people walking in nature we have crafted a selection of 4 to 5 day itineraries to make it easier for people to get out there.

We’ve been careful to ensure that these trips have less of a demand on your time (they’re scheduled to straddle weekends) and have still been engineered so that you get to experience all the grandeur and remoteness of destinations. The walks have been designed so that you cover off on similar distances each day as we would on our longer trips with the option of shortening the walk each day if need be. With 2 experienced guides we remain committed to providing the same level of care, attention and level of comfort that we are renowned for.

We hoping that these shorter trips will provide a gateway to our longer trips, which are always going to be integral to what we do at Stroll: they’re our first loves after all. Regardless of the length of the trip Stroll will always provide an experience that allows you to truly immerse yourself in nature, breathe and unwind, it’s the essence of what we do.  

Without further ado here are the walks:

The Tarkine and Cradle Mountain

Tasmania has always been one of Australia’s best kept secrets with it’s unique natural beauty, abundant wildlife and unspoilt wilderness. It’s no wonder that it was first on list for a shorter itinerary. We’ve chosen our favourite areas of Tassy for this first short 5 day itinerary. Our guides will take the group on an exploration of the magical Tarkine Wilderness Area and then on to World Heritage Cradle Mountain.


Great Ocean Walk Long Weekend

The iconic Great Ocean Walk has been crafted into a jam-packed 4 day itinerary that we’ve crafted beautifully to include all the highlights of this stunning stretch of coast. There’s a stay at the historic Cape Otway Lighthouse, an exploration of the rarely visited Wreck and Milanesia Beaches and finishing with the Twelve Apostles as the grand finale. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, our guides will take you on one last exploration of the less visited Loch Ard Gorge, which also happens to be one of our favourite sections of this coast.


Cape to Cape and Margaret River Long Weekend

Mother nature was especially generous when she shaped this extraordinary landscape, blessed with squeaky white sand beaches, rocky bays, wildflowers, wetlands, towering Karri forests and limestone caves, stacks and platforms. We’ve managed to craft this 4 day itinerary to incorporate all of those attributes that make this one of Australia’s most popular coastal tracks. Not only will you experience the best of what nature has to offer over this extended weekend, but we’ve also made sure to showcase the famous produce and wines of the Margaret River region on our final night’s dinner at the renowned Lamonts Restaurant.

Flinders Island Long Weekend

This is going to be a holiday that you’re going to remember. To start with walking on Flinders Island is like stepping back in time. The pace of life here is slower, the locals friendlier, the fresh clean air nurtures you. Then there is the fact that this is literally a walkers paradise with abundant wildlife, mountains, incredibly beautiful beaches with lichen covered rocks at every turn, forests and yet no people. To top everything off, you’ll be based at the stunning Mountain Seas Retreat at the foot of Mount Strezelecki, overlooking Trousers Point Beach (arguably the best in Australia) for all three nights of this holiday.


Roof of Australia (Snowy Mountains)
Long Weekend

The 690000 hectares of Snowy Mountains contains all of Australia’s highest mountains. We manage to traverse the absolute best of the Australian Alps by walking everyday and staying overnight in secluded ski villages right in the middle of the Park.

Once the winter snows melt the high peaks of Kosciuszko National Park become the Mecca for walkers keen to experience the exhilarating walking and to see the rugged scenery, masses of spectacular wildflowers and of course hike the summit of Mt Kosciuszko.


Wrap up

We are very pleased with the result of what we have been able to deliver. It’s our belief we have created some epic experiences that will leave walkers feeling as though they have ticked off all the major highlights of their chosen destination. Watch this space as there are more destinations to come! Knowing what we get out of walking in nature gives us confidence that it will only take a short taste to have people hooked.

One thing is for sure, whatever the time frame we can assure you that the only side effect will be a healthier, happier and less stressed version of you.

See you on the track.

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