Two women walking independently on a self-guided walking holiday

Change Your View on Independent Travel

If you’re seeking an Australian destination walk that allows you to; remain independent and stress-free; save masses of time at little extra cost; and concentrate on your health without making it a mission, then read on.

We understand that tour groups aren’t for everyone, but there are other ways to enjoy a seamlessly organised holiday with a minimum amount of effort. Self-guided, inn-to-inn holidays could be the answer for you.

Think of self-guided tours as flying versus driving.

There’s no point in spending an extra eight hours on a bus when it takes an hour to fly. We can all relate to that logic, can’t we? We value the service that airlines provide us, which is primarily the experience of saving time – the most precious commodity of all. So, value is not simply an intellectual concept, it is also an experience.

Let’s apply the same notion of intangible value to a self-guided walk. Why haul 30kgs around the track when you can have your luggage transported ahead? Traveling light will make for a much more enjoyable walk, and if you have a back like mine it may save you ten weeks of osteopath visits.

Missions are for spirited 20-somethings.

Walking and exploring Australia’s dreamlike destinations does not have to be a mission. We’re smarter than that. Forget about spending countless hours researching, perhaps even weeks, double checking every detail when you can book all your accommodation, food and transfers with one phone call to the experts. Make the details someone else’s problem, your time is money after all.

On that note, if it all comes down to a question of money for you, travel companies offer the benefit of discounted prices – sure they take a margin, but that’s commerce – the price you pay won’t be much more in the end. So, from a value-for-money perspective, the self-guided proposition is quite robust.

What does ‘self-guided’ really mean?

Self-guided tours enable you to travel independently, with whomever you want, at your own pace, wherever you want to go, and most importantly at the exact time you want to go. With enough notice, you can choose a departure date to suit your group. No fixed departure dates, so no worrying about securing work leave or missing birthdays. You can travel on your time, walking completely unencumbered and free to soak up the serenity of Australia’s magnificent landscapes. Not to mention a glass of wine, nourishing meal and a comfortable bed waiting for you at the end of each day.

Tread the path less travelled without the burden of logistics.

Enjoy the advantages and flexibility that come with independent travel, such as choosing your dates and destination, without worrying about the details and nitty-gritty of pulling it all together yourself. Clear your head of all that worry, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is stretch out, walk light, unplug and explore Australia’s most spectacular landscapes at your very own pace.

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